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Field Training Unit

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Fahd Saud Allahaim


Head of the Unit

Eng. Ali Mohammed Ajlan


Dear Student, College of Architecture and Planning:

The External Communication Unit is one of the units of Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs, the unit works in coordination with the Vice Rectorate and the departments of the College to prepare the student in advance for practical training programs and help him to provide the appropriate training opportunity in accordance with the standards of the College and  guidance to the appropriate training, and supervision during the training period, and evaluation during which to achieve the objectives of training. In addition to the formation of agreements and relations with companies and governmental and private institutions, both internal and external, in order to provide an appropriate and useful training environment for students in their architectural and urban specialties.


Means of communication

  • Tel: 011469626
  • Fax: 0114696999
  • Email:

TheWey hope to have contact during the working hours and specific in terms of practical training only.

Unit Announcements:

Internship programs - within the Kingdom

External training programs - outside the Kingdom

Unit Duties:

  • Collect information about appropriate training bodies that are related to various architectural and construction professions, and the necessary communication with these bodies and updating the list of training bodies on an ongoing basis.
  • Conduct administrative procedures and correspondence for the training of students.
  • Work on the classification of internal bodies that train students according to the importance of the body and the level of training and areas of interest. It is also possible to cooperate with some bodies that carry out training courses such as vocational and technical institutes, which were dealt with by government agencies in order to bridge the gap between academic and practical skills.
  • Prepare a student profile of practical training and how to prepare a training report.
  • Follow-up students during their training and evaluation and help them solve the problems they face during training.
  • Evaluation of reports submitted by students and trained personnel after completing training.
  • Termination of training procedures.
  • Conduct a study on the extent to which students benefit from hands-on training both internal and external and identify problems and solutions to develop it continuously.
  • Evaluate the internal and external training bodies according to their training programs and seriousness and take the views of the students based on the results by following the students in the field visits during their training period.
  • Follow up the nomination of professors to supervise the training.
  • Supervising the organization of the preparatory courses for students who are candidates for training prior to the beginning of their training in order to receive the program guide and the forms required for training to be able to identify the training rules and mechanisms, the various stages and time plans for training and the culture of work in the trained bodies.
  • Create a record of information that reflects the activities of the student training in the department and maintain the confidentiality of what it contains, so that the policy of confidentiality of information at the university governing the mechanism of access to the student record.
  • Follow up the academic supervisor's communication with the students and the trained staff.
  • Provide advice and support to academic supervisors and trained personnel if disagreement arises during the work period.

Prepare an integrated annual report and submit it to the central training unit at the university, which will highlight the achievements, obstacles and gains of the program, and recommendations that can contribute to improve the performance of the training program in the coming stages.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:27am