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Photography Lab
The role of the Photography Lab is to facilitate the various Xeroxing services for the College’s faculty, technicians and students. The Lab contains advanced photocopying machines. Its services include providing instructions and consultation on photography, film and slide preparation, copying slides, picture enlargements at different sizes, micro-film photography, seminar and event video-taping and photography and graphic design projects carried out by students usually every semester. These are then archived.

Construction Lab
This Lab contains a number of mini examination and testing devices that are specialized for testing the different construction systems in facilities and buildings, in addition to testing equipment for network cameras, arches and integrated framing. The Construction Lab provides the students with the building information and considerations that need to be observed while preparing the architectural designs throughout the different design courses undertaken. The Lab is supervised by a special construction engineer who has a separate office inside the Lab.

Material and Building Construction Lab
This Lab is used for the presentation of various samples of traditional and innovative building materials. These materials undergo different tests related to toughness, texture, color, thermal transfer and mounting and installation methods. The Lab also offers services for the students in various courses concerned with building materials as well as architectural and interior designs.

Sound, Light and Refractory Lab
The Sound, Light and Refractory Lab is the place where various tests are run on architectural designs in the field of natural and artificial lighting regarding architectural and urban spaces. This includes the study of the different components and aspects of natural lighting, the various types of openings, reckoning the actual needs of these spaces in terms of artificial lighting, etc. With respect to sounds, experimentations are conducted in numerous areas related to the type of space finish materials and the internal and external shapes of spaces as well as their impact on sound conductivity, its amplitude and quality.
Transport and Environmental Studies Lab
This Lab contains a number of automated and manual traffic interception devices that serve to help researchers and students conduct traffic field studies. The Lab also contains PCs and special software programs for the analysis and processing of traffic information. The College is currently planning to provide the Lab with environmental and noise pollution measuring devices in addition to traffic pattern imaging tools.
Environment and Climate Lab
The Environment and Climate Lab is of special importance to the College of Architecture and Planning in that it bears on a number of subjects that concern all the College’s students. The Lab contains special devices for environmental studies and the analysis of climate elements. The Lab is upgraded with the latest technologies in environmental and climate studies on periodical basis.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:27am