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Saudi Housing Research Unit

The Government of Saudi Arabia gives due care to the housing sector, in response to the challenges of urban development, urbanization and population growth, especially in large cities. The housing sector is a vital sector that has a direct impact on the social, economic and environmental system of the local community. Saudi Arabia has many challenges as a result of growing demand and the expansion of the youth population. In the light of national priorities, the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 has established many economic initiatives and regulatory reforms to develop the Population and achieve the highest levels of transparency and good governance. The vision of 2030 addresses the challenges facing citizens' access to adequate housing and places them at the forefront of these priorities through the adoption of national strategies to improve population economies, develop financing programs and find suitable economic alternatives to housing, and to achieve this, the role of scientific research as one of the main tools that can contribute to the introduction of innovative solutions and achieve sustainability of the system of developing local content and rational use of economic resources.


The Saudi Housing Research Unit is seeking to be a leading national scientific center in the field of Saudi housing research and studies, and as a support for the transfer of research, advisory and training knowledge in the field of housing.


  1. Produce innovative research to serve Saudi society.
  2. To contribute to enriching knowledge and awareness of housing issues.
  3. Work to strengthen partnership with different sectors.


  1. Contribute to the production of scientific research to meet the challenges of Saudi housing
  2. Enabling families to obtain affordable housing in line with social, economic and environmental needs.
  3. Dissemination of scientific knowledge and exchange of consultancy and research experiences in the field of Saudi housing studies through holding meetings, conferences, workshops and communication with leading scientific bodies.
  4. Support training and specialized rehabilitation of human cadres in public and private institutions within the framework of the unit.
  5. Establishing a research reference and database for Saudi housing research.
  6. To support research cooperation and enable researchers from universities, government and private institutions, research centers and graduate students to participate in joint research in the field of Saudi housing.
  7. The unit should be an advisory reference for the postgraduate programs and housing specialties in the Saudi universities.


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