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Unit Programs


Unit Programs

Based on the principle of strengthening the partnership between the government sector and academic institutions, the unit seeks to offer a number of ambitious programs to employ academic and research expertise in order to achieve the directions of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in the areas of housing,

Scientific production

Conducting research studies for government and private institutions in the field of housing, housing applications, evaluation of housing projects and their suitability for Saudi families. In this regard, the Unit is working on reviewing housing legislation and regulations, studying the phenomenon of random housing, conducting surveys to identify the needs of the Saudi family, also the Unit seeks to work on authorizing books and scientific translation for the benefit of government and private institutions in the field of housing, and stimulate the efforts of researchers and research groups involved in the field of arbitration and scientific publishing in scientific journals. Development of Saudi housing designs Cooperation with governmental and private institutions in Conducting competitions and architectural events to develop flexible housing alternatives that respond to the current and future changes of the Saudi family. The Unit also seeks to take part with and integrate scientific units and societies of common interest in the fields of economics, real estate, sociology and population studies, to reach sustainable designs that reflect community partnership in Saudi housing studies.

Consultation and Training

Providing scientific consultations and training human cadres in institutions dealing with housing and urban development issues by providing these institutions with specialists and academics, in addition to holding workshops, lectures and joint scientific seminars.


The Unit has a number of external partnerships from specialized international institutions and institutes. The Unit is associated with cooperation partnerships with research centers and agreements with relevant bodies such as Ministry of Housing. The Unit also cooperates with a team of experts and engineers working in the public and private sectors

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Unit Programs

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