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Dr. Abdul Aziz Jarallah Al-Degheishm

Dean of the College

Dr. Maged Mustafa Halwani

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Dr. Fahd Saud Allahaim

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Tassan

Vice Dean for Development and Quality


Former Deans





Current job

Prof. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al -Hossain

1406 - 1409


Prof. Tariq Aqeel Al-Sulaiman

1409 - 1412

Teaching staff at the college

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Muqrin Al-Saud

1412 - 1416

Member of Shoura Council

Dr. Salman Turki Al-Sudairy

1416 - 1418


Prof. Mohammed Abdullah Saleh

1418 - 1427


Prof. Abdulaziz Saad Al-Muqrin

1427 - 1434

Teaching staff at the college

Prof. Omar Salem Bahammam

1434 - 1436

Teaching staff at the college

Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Thabet

1436-1441 Dean of the King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies
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