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Prof. Abdulaziz Aldegheishem

Dean of the College

Dr. Maged Mustafa Halwani

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Dr. Fahd Saud Allahaim

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Tassan

Vice Dean for Development and Quality


Former Deans





Current job

Prof. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al -Hossain

1406 - 1409


Prof. Tariq Aqeel Al-Sulaiman

1409 - 1412

Teaching staff at the college

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Muqrin Al-Saud

1412 - 1416

Member of Shoura Council

Dr. Salman Turki Al-Sudairy

1416 - 1418


Prof. Mohammed Abdullah Saleh

1418 - 1427


Prof. Abdulaziz Saad Al-Muqrin

1427 - 1434

Teaching staff at the college

Prof. Omar Salem Bahammam

1434 - 1436

Teaching staff at the college

Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Thabet

1436-1441 Dean of the King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies
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