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Advisory Board

As part of total quality assurance process a College Consultative Council was formed. The Council is chaired by HRH Prince (Dr.) Khalid bin Abdullah Al Mogren Al Saud, a Member of the Shoura Council. Members of the Consultative Council, which comprises of representatives from both public and private organizations, are as follows:
HR  Prince (Dr.) Khalid bin Abdullah Al Mogren Al Saud, Member of Shoura Council (Chairman).
HR  Prince (Dr.) Abdel Aziz bin Muhammad bin Ayyaf Al Mogren, Mayor of Riyadh (Member).
Dr. Abdullah A. Althabit, Dean College of Architecture and Planning (Member).
Professor Jamel Abdel Kader Akbar, College of Architecture, University of Dammam (Member).
Dr. Naser bin Abdel Aziz Al Mobarak, Private Sector Representative (Member).
Engineer Abdullah bin Ahmad Bakhsan, Chairman of Saudi Council of Engineers (Member).
Engineer Ali bin Muhammad Shuaibi, Private Sector Representative (Member).
Engineer Saad bin Muhammad bin Laden, BinLaden Construction (Member).
Dr.  Anas Mofarreh J. Almughairy, Vice Dean College of Architecture and Planning (Secretary).
The general responsibility of the council is to make objective reviews of the overall development of the College and its programs. The council acts in an advisory role, and accordingly advice and directs the College regarding educational quality processes and standards, and has the authority to contribute to the development of such processes and standards to ensure that these are aligned to the needs of students, the industry, and the nation.
The College has created a new meeting space meant for the College’s Council meetings and special guests of the College, and also for the more confidential decisive meetings in the college . It located in the main administrative office space of the college where the Dean and Vice Deans’ offices are located.


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