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About collage

College of Architecture and Planning was established in King Saud University in 1404. Architecture and Building Sciences Department was the nucleus of the College to be the first academic institution to teach architecture in the Arabian Peninsula. The establishment of this department, which was one of the departments of College of Engineering, was established in 1387. It can be said that College of Architecture and Planning sections: Architecture and Building Sciences and Urban Planning, part of the branches of human knowledge that combines art and science together, and has a strong relationship with other arts and humanities. The architect and the successful planner are concerned with the society and the culture of the nation, looking at their past and their future to produce an authentic work that meets the needs of the community, serves the local environment and culture and develops it within a distinct urban character, maintaining the relations between the parts of the building and the surrounding buildings, to the level of the city and then the territory as the national level as required by the Islamic perception of man and the environment. It also benefits from modern information technologies, new materials and modern construction methods. It is worth mentioning that the study of any majors of the college requires a lot of patience and perseverance and at the same time enjoyable need to be super-precision and system. It develops a sense of surrounding spaces, imagination and self-expression.

The College offers a bachelor's degree in Architecture, Science, Construction or Urban Planning, after completion of 160 units of study and divided into 10 levels over five years. Graduates are treated as graduates of engineering colleges in recruitment for civil jobs. The College's objectives are not only to focus on the fields of study and theoretical research, but also to include the College's role in the research and development of solutions to many of the problems faced by society in the fields of architecture, science Construction and Urban Planning. In addition, the College of Architecture and Planning participates in many governmental bodies and cooperates with them in many real-world projects. This allows students to benefit from these projects in the implementation of their theoretical studies. In view of the College's interest in providing its students with practical experience and theory, the College is keen to provide summer training opportunities for students in countries, bodies, companies and local and foreign offices.






International excellence in building knowledge in Built Environment Sciences.


International excellence in building knowledge in Built Environment Sciences.





  • Quality and excellence in architectural and urban education


  • Raising the efficiency of graduates and enhancing their capabilities.


  • Achieving a supportive learning environment


  • Strengthening the capabilities of academic staff


  • Develop a supportive management system.

collegiate partnership

  • Building a community partnership
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