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Research Center

The Research Center at the College of Architecture and Planning was created in 1985G. The Center is aimed at supporting and encouraging the faculty’s research efforts at the theoretical and applied levels towards helping advance urban science, developing the human environment, conducting research and consultation on pressing issues within the community, in addition to supervising the research works undertaken by the College’s graduate students. The Center offers services to around 100 faculty members throughout the academic year 2009/2010G. In addition to their teaching loads most of the faculty members undertake research work inside and outside the College. Some of them, however, offer consultation services to government institutions in their respective areas of specialization.
Seeking to maximize support for the research, studies and activities undertaken by the College’s faculty in the various fields of architecture and planning in accordance with the University’s strategic plan for research over the next five years.

Securing the proper scientific and research environment that would encourage researchers among faculty members and provide them with the financial, service and information support needed to upgrade, referee, publish and make use of their research works as well as deliver lectures related to them towards the ultimate purpose of achieving leadership in urban science development.

  1. Encouraging and supporting the scientific research and studies undertaken by the College’s faculty with the view to promoting architecture, building science, urban planning and urban environment.
  2. Encouraging researchers to address architectural, urban and environmental issues in Saudi Arabia and devise solutions to them consonant with the values, traditions and heritage of the local community.
  3. Providing support for the projects carried out by graduate students and encouraging them to conduct research.
  4. Publishing the faculty’s research after arbitration in research bulletins.
  5. Engaging cooperation with research centers at home and abroad in the field of architecture.

Center’s Activities

  1. Conducting original and innovative applied studies and research in architecture and planning on individual or joint basis.
  2. Offering professional consultation in architecture, planning and the environment for the private and public sectors.
  3. Offering the services needed for conducting research by faculty or graduate students within the College.
  4. Refereeing the faculty’s funded or non-funded research works and publishing them in the form of research bulletins.
  5. Building a specialized data base on researchers among faculty in the fields of architecture and planning research.
  6. Organizing conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops and expositions.
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