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Development and Quality Unit


Head of the unit

Dr.. Khaled Salah Saeed Abdul Majeed






Unit Duties

Duties of development and Quality Unit:

  • Spreading the culture of quality in the college or units.
  • Evaluate the level of performance in the college or unit.
  • Work on the implementation and follow-up evaluation and academic accreditation.
  • Develop the implementation of the strategic plans of the college or unit.
  • Identify possible areas of improvement and propose projects to achieve them.
  • Propose the formation of task teams in the projects proposed by the Unit.
  • Encourage College or management staff to initiate projects and assist them in activating those Proposals.
  • Provide the necessary facilities for all teams based on the application of quality.
  • Document the efforts and results of implementation and raise them to the Deanship of Quality.
  • Continuous collection of data and information on quality activities in the college or unit.
  • Prepare periodic reports on performance and user satisfaction levels in each activity.
  • Follow-up of the procedures of excellence awards in the college.
  • Carry out other tasks assigned to the unit in terms of quality and application.


Administrative link:

The quality unit is administratively linked to vice dean of development and quality, and other supporting deanships and departments linked to the highest authority.


Assignment of Dr. Khalid Salah Saeed Abdul Majeed as Head of Development and Quality Unit for one year starting from 1/4/1437







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