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Journal of Architecture and Planning (JAP) - King Saud University

Journal of Architecture and Planning (JAP). ISSN:1018-3604



The Journal of Architecture and Planning (JAP) published by King Saud University, provide an opportunity for scholars to publish their original works based on distinguished scientific research in the fields of Architecture and Building Science, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Urban and Regional Planning and related subjects. The journal publishes articles that contribute original research in the specialized fields. The articles discuss, analyze and conclude valuable results undertaken by faculty members, practicing professionals and graduate students, either locally or globally. The journal has international acceptance, and is one of the oldest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was publishing yearly since 1985, biannually since 2004.

To be a leading journal for publication of refereed research articles in architecture, urbanism and related fields, in both Arabic and English.
Publication according to international professional standards of original, innovative and high quality research in architecture and urbanism and related fields.


  1. To provide a reliable scientific reference of value to the research community in architecture and urbanism.
  2. To expand the opportunity to publish research articles linking theory to practice in architecture, urbanism and related fields.
  3. To encourage researchers to produce original studies in architecture and urbanism, by providing a publishing outlet in both Arabic and English.

Letter from the Editor
Welcome to the website of the Journal of Architecture and Planning (JAP) published by King Saud University. Since it was founded in 1985 the journal has been an international forum for scholars, academics, and post-graduate students. It provides a venue for publishing research works covering all aspects of architecture and urbanism. In order to ensure a high-quality journal, each published article has been peer-reviewed by at least two subject-qualified referees.
Through the years, the journal has published an array of remarkable articles. I would like to thank all those who served on the journal’s staff, its referees, and its editorial boards during the past years for their support and feedback necessary to find, review, and publish articles of such consistent high quality. We persist to build on such a strong record and continue to expand the benefit to the architectural and urbanism research community. The range of knowledge and expertise of the current editorial board members will ensure the publishing of high-quality scholarly articles. The journal aims to increase publishing opportunities and to establish a bridge between theory and practice in the field, as well as, to encourage scholars to pool their insights, knowledge, and effort to produce innovative original research that is reliable and useful.
Finally, I praise the support of those who have publicized or cited the journal and, above all, those who submit their quality research papers for publication.

Best Regards,
Prof. Mohammed Bahobail
Editor- in- Chief


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Editing Manager: Faisal N. Mohammed


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Journal of Architecture and Planning
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