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Bachelor Program

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Bachelor of Architecture Study Program
The Bachelor of Architecture Study Program is currently undergoing a major review due to the following recent developments:
A- Enhancement of the previous program due to:

  • Deviation of courses from their stated objectives.
  • Inadequate contact hours for some courses, e.g. Design Studios and Building Construction.

B- Arising Demands:

  • Basic Skills Enrolled students need learning capabilities and skills.
  • Considerations for academic accreditation.
  • To consider the following recommendations for Architectural Education by the EAAE, the UIA, RIBA and NAAB:
  1. 5-year Study Plan.
  2. 36 % Design Studio Courses.
  3. 20 % Technology and Environment Courses.
  4. 14 % Culture and Heritage Courses.
  5. 23 % Communication Skills Courses.
  6. 07 % Professional Practice Courses.

C- Market Demands:
Graduates to undertake Design, Construction, Contract Documentation and Supervision

D- International Programs in Architecture are set as benchmarks for the development

  • Pre-requisite course sequence.
  • Lack of proper courses needed to enhance job opportunities e.g., Working Drawings & Interior Design.
  • Overload of theoretical courses at the expense of practical courses
  • Contact hours are not suitable for the new program

Program Goals and Development Strategies

  • Continuation The development of the previous program into the new 5-year program with the inclusion of the basic skills.
  • Balance Achieve a balance in the distribution of core courses (Design and Skills), humanities (Theory & History, Islamic Culture and Professional Practice), and technology courses (Systems and Basic Sciences).
  • Qualification Graduates qualified to meet the market demands (Design, construction, contract documents and supervision)
  • Accreditation Achieve percentage ratios of course groups recommended by Academic Accreditation.
  • Practical Training Focus on Practical Training as a graduation requirement, taken between the 6th and 7th levels whereby the student has sufficient technical knowledge to experience professional practice.
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