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Symposiume on Mosque Architecture

Symposiume on Mosque Architecture

1999 - 1419H

The impact of mosques, and specially the two Holy Mosques and the Aqsa Mosque, on the urbanism of the Islamic City requires further study and documentation. Therefore, this refereed scientific symposium comes in response to the increasing need to highlight mosque architecture in general and that of the two Holy Mosques· in Particular. Also the Symposium has granted four prizes to refereed and distinguished works concerning Mosques Architecture. The symposium is accompanied by an exhibition, which will highlight the new expansions of the two Holy Mosques. in addition to the architecture of mosques and major Islamic centers in the world , and will feature the use of new technologies in the design of these facilities, as well as presenting the Symposium prize winning projects. The symposium is sponsored by the College of Architecture and Planning at King Saud University, In collaboration with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Endowment. Da'wa. and Guidance.

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Symposiume Proceedings

Volume 1 The Architecture of The Two Holy Mosques
Volume 2 The Historic and Urban Developments of  Mosque Architecture
Volume 3 The Urban Design of Mosques
Volume 4 The Architectural Design of Mosques
Volume 5 The Planning and Design Criteria of Mosque Architecture
Volume 6 The Environmental Control in Mosque Architecture
Volume 7 Documentary Studies on Mosque Architecture
Volume 8 Jurisprudence Control for Mosque Architecture.
Volume 9 The Construction, Maintenance and Restoration of Mosque
Volume 10 Invited Articles and Non-Refereed Papers

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