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Master of Urban Planning

Program Objectives: 

Based on the principle of achieving development goals in the Kingdom and the importance of educational investment in human development, as well as responding to the requirements of comprehensive urban development and the subsequent urban expansion and population growth in all cities of the Kingdom, the program aims to meet the increasing demand for specialists in urban planning. It also aims to provide an opportunity for university degree holders to continue their postgraduate studies and enable them to conduct scientific research, explore appropriate ways to improve the urban environment, and address various urban challenges that are increasing due to rapid population growth and migration trends to major cities. 


It's worth noting that the Department of Urban Planning, as part of its core role in actively contributing to national development by advancing and developing urban knowledge, has established a postgraduate program (Master’s) as an extension of the undergraduate studies in the department, following the general principles set by the college for the postgraduate program, which include: 


Aligning master's program plans with current and future development plans to meet the Kingdom’s needs for specialists and provide scientific expertise in various fields of planning and urban design. 

Encouraging scientific research in planning disciplines, and encouraging Saudi researchers to conduct rich scientific research that seeks to develop contemporary urbanization while promoting the concept of local urbanization and the Arab-Islamic identity. 

Improving the professional planning standards through studies and research directed towards development plans, understanding the challenges of urban planning in contemporary Saudi society, understanding the nature of contemporary sciences and their relationship to future planning development, and understanding local environmental and technical challenges. 

Program Options: 


Option 1: Urban Planning (Coursework and Thesis System). 

Option 2: Urban Planning (Coursework and Research Project System). 

Admission Requirements: 


Meet the admission criteria stated in the Unified Regulations for Graduate Studies in Saudi Universities. 

Hold a bachelor's degree in urban planning, urban design, architecture, or equivalent. 

Full-time enrollment is required. However, part-time enrollment can be approved under special circumstances, provided the applicant has the approval of their employer. 

Degree Requirements: 


Coursework and Thesis System: 27 credit units of graduate courses plus the thesis. 

  • Coursework and Research Project System: 42 credit units of graduate courses, including a research project counting for at least three units

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