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About the Department

  1. Excellence in the fields of urban planning and design. 

  1. Raising societal awareness of the importance of planning and design, and their role in shaping the principles and foundations of modern and innovative initiatives to advance local, regional, and national development. 

  1. Providing a suitable educational environment to prepare graduates who possess competence and practical knowledge to meet labor market needs. 

  1. Encouraging and supporting scientific research related to localizing the best global practices to serve the local built environment effectively. 

  1. Supporting faculty members and researchers in publishing their scientific work in global journals. 

  1. Promoting the concept of academic partnership between the department and other departments in local, regional, and global universities. 

  1. Contributing to the development of the urban planner and designer profession and enhancing the department's role in serving the community while being considered a partner in development. 

Last updated on : May 8, 2024 4:00am