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Theses in the Master's Programs at the Department of Urban Planning during the Academic Years 1443 AH - 1445 AH 

Urban Design and Planning: 

  • The Role of Urban Design in Strengthening Social Bonds Between Residents of Residential Neighborhoods 

  • Design Considerations for Reviving City Centers: A Case Study of Riyadh City Center 

  • Form-Based Codes and Their Role in Preserving Traditional Urban Areas: A Case Study of Riyadh 

  • The Impact of the Absence of Urban Codes on Pedestrian Path Design: A Case Study of Prince Sultan Road in Jazan 

  • The Impact of Continuous Changes on the Urban Formation of Commercial Land Use in Riyadh 

  • Applying Smart Development Principles to Revitalize and Develop Small and Medium-Sized Saudi City Centers: A Case Study of Buraidah City Center 

  • Levels of Community Participation in Planning Riyadh Neighborhoods and Their Effect on Residential Satisfaction 

  • Developing the Urban Landscape as an Approach to Sustainable Tourism: A Case Study of the Al-Zuhaira District in Riyadh 

  • Preparing the Urban Environment to Enhance Pedestrian Movement in Residential Neighborhoods 

  • Strategies to Enhance Urban Security in the City Centers of Saudi Arabia (Case Study: Central Riyadh) 

  • Land Use Development in the Laban District in Riyadh (1990-2020) Using Geographic Information Systems 


Sustainable Development and Environmental Concerns: 

  • Community Participation and Its Role in Achieving Sustainability Principles in Residential Neighborhoods: A Case Study of Al-Waha Neighborhood in Riyadh 

  • Air Pollution Control Applications for Smart Residential Environment “Case Study: Riyadh City Residential Neighborhoods” 

  • The Role of Residential Gardens in Implementing the Quality of Life Program Document: A Case Study of the Northern Sector in Riyadh 

  • The Impact of Urban Expansion on Heritage Villages in the Asir Region 

  • Study of New Uses of Pedestrian Paths During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Pedestrian Paths in Jazan 

  • An Analytical Study of Human Needs in Open Spaces: A Case Study of the Northern Waterfront in Jazan 

  • Developing Local Indicators of Urban Quality of Life in Urban Spaces of Residential Neighborhoods: A Case Study of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Housing and Al-Yasmeen Neighborhood in Riyadh 

  • Applying "20-Minute Neighborhood" Principles to the Distribution of Services in Residential Neighborhoods: A Case Study of Riyadh 


Transportation and Accessibility: 

  • Evaluating Pedestrian Accessibility to Riyadh Public Transportation 

  • Evaluating the Quality of Pavements and Pedestrian Walkways in Riyadh: A Case Study of Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Road (Tahlia) 


Real Estate and Economics: 

  • Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Service Use on Residential Rental Prices in Riyadh 

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