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Master Program

Stemming from the desire to achieve development objectives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with the importance of educational investment, and in response to the needs of a comprehensive urban boom with its urban as well as population growth in all cities, the Department of Urban Planning developed its graduate program as part of its attempt to play a key role in the national development.
As a result of the generous support of the government to ensure an elite science and education, the graduate program includes a highly qualified faculty with various specializations and emphasis in all urban fields.

Program Objectives:

  • Increase the understanding of the graduate in the historical and theoretical base of the urban and regional development and the role of the planner and planning in it.
  • Providing students with scientific basics and analytical capability along with technical skills for studying the urban, regional and national planning issues which elevates the performance of the urban environment.
  • Qualifying students to practice high level planning in the various public and private establishments and agencies.
  • Train students to outline strategies and planning programs which produces urban environments suitable to desert areas while maintaining Arabic and Islamic aspects.
  • Provide students with various urban planning professional skills taking into account the development and prosperity in the field of planning.
  • Develop an understanding to the natural environment and energy resources which provide the sustainable development base. This in addition to the ability to evaluate the capabilities of the environment's impact on strategies, planning, programs and projects.
  • Develop the ability of graduate students to perform research or a project independently in the area of urban design and urban and regional planning.

Urban Design
Urban and Regional Planning
Real Estate

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