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Master of Urban Design

Program Objectives: 

In pursuit of achieving the development goals of the Kingdom and responding to the requirements of comprehensive urban renaissance and the subsequent urban expansion and population growth in all the Kingdom’s cities, and recognizing the importance of educational investment in human development, the program aims to meet the growing demand for specialists in urban design. It also seeks to provide opportunities for university graduates with relevant specializations to continue their postgraduate studies, allowing them to conduct scientific research and learn about modern methods and approaches suitable for designing and improving the urban environment. This also involves tackling various urban design challenges resulting from the rapid city expansion to accommodate the growing population and meet their needs. 

As part of its pursuit of leadership and effective contribution to national development, the Department of Urban Planning has developed a graduate program (Master of Science in Urban Design) as an extension of its undergraduate program to advance and improve urban knowledge in line with the principles set forth by the college. Through its program, the Department of Urban Planning aims to achieve the following: 

Meeting local market needs for specialists in the field of urban design. 

Contributing to the development of knowledge and sciences related to the field of urban design by providing students with opportunities to conduct scientific research. 

Addressing current urban design challenges in Saudi cities and offering solutions while strengthening the Arab and Islamic identity of these cities. 

Elevating the professional level of urban designers by equipping program students with knowledge, training on modern technologies, and developing their skills. 

Developing the profession of urban design by enriching it with essential concepts and principles for its advancement. 

Program Options: 

Option 1: Urban Design (Coursework and Thesis System). 

Option 2: Urban Design (Coursework and Research Project System). 

Admission Requirements: 

Meet the admission criteria outlined in the Unified Regulations for Graduate Studies in Saudi Universities. 

Hold a bachelor's degree in urban planning, urban design, architecture, or equivalent. 

Full-time enrollment is required. However, part-time enrollment can be approved under special circumstances, provided the applicant has the approval of their employer. 

Degree Requirements: 


Coursework and Thesis System: 27 credit units of graduate courses plus the thesis. 

  • Coursework and Research Project System: 42 credit units of graduate courses, including a research project worth at least three unit

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