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Research Projects

Research Projects of the Department of Urban Planning for the Academic Years 1443 - 1445 AH: 

  • Project to Integrate Land Use Planning with Transit-Oriented Development Standards: A Case Study of the Western Station of Riyadh Metro 

  • Re-planning the Land Use of the Area Surrounding the Financial District (defined by the Riyadh Development Authority) 

  • The Impact of Projects Located on King Khalid International Airport Land on the Airport 

  • Studying the Efficiency of Functional Performance in Small and Medium-Sized City Centers: A Case Study of the Industrial Jubail City Center 

  • Development of the Old Diriyah Area 

  • Project to Design King Khalid International Airport City in Riyadh 

  • Urban Changes in the Salmaniya City Center Components and Maintaining Identity: A Case Study of Riyadh City Center 

  • Study and Evaluation of Urban Quality of Life in Residential Neighborhoods: A Case Study of Al-Narjis Neighborhood, Riyadh 

  • Governance Model of Urban Management in Saudi Cities: A Case Study of the Dammam Metropolitan Area, Eastern Region 

  • Tools to Address the Negative Impacts of the First Industrial City in Al-Ahsa on the Adjacent Residential Neighborhoods in Al-Oyoun City 

  • Impact of Residential Land Segmentation on Planning Standards: A Case Study of Al-Wadi Neighborhood 

  • Redesigning the Commercial Street to Improve the Urban Landscape of the Residential Neighborhood in Line with Vision 2030 

  • Study of the Impact of Parks and Green Areas on Improving Quality of Life Within Residential Neighborhoods: A Case Study of Riyadh City 

  • Study of the Reasons Behind the Low Uptake of Housing Support Beneficiaries for Off-Plan Sales Products in Riyadh City 


Research Projects of the Urban Design Master's Program: 

  • Project to Develop Al-Zuhaira Street Using Code Regulations 

  • Development of the Central Al-Ula Tourist Trail 

  • Improving the Urban Environment in the Main Arteries Leading to King Salman Park 

  • Development of Urban Spaces in Riyadh's Commercial Corridor According to Urban Design Standards 

  • Humanizing the Main Arteries in Residential Neighborhoods: A Case Study of King Fahd Neighborhood 

  • Segmentation of Lands and Its Impact on Planning Standards and the Residential Environment 

  • Riyadh Cultural Trail 

  • Urban Development of Thiy Ain Village in Al-Baha 

  • Urban Planning Study of the Technology Zone in Riyadh City 


Research Projects of the Real Estate Development Master's Program: 

  • Study of the Impact of Safety and Security Factors on Real Estate Prices in the City 

  • Methodology for Managing Real Estate Development Projects in the Areas Surrounding King Salman Park 

  • Feasibility of Increasing Densities Around Metro Stations for Residential Neighborhoods in Riyadh: Opportunities and Challenges 

  • Extent to Which Apartments Match the Preferences of Young Families 

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