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Admission procedure


Since the start of the academic year 1428/1429H, the admission of students was performed electronically. Electronic admission starts by applying via the internet and ends by sending the acceptance letter and files of those who accepted through express mail freely.  Using this system, students do not need to come personally to the college unless personal interview is a requirement.

First: Conditions for Admission

The following requirements have been stipulated for the admission of the new student:

1. Must obtain a secondary school certificate  or of  equal period study duration in each is 15 weeks in equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. Must be Saudi or son of a Saudi mother

3. The secondary  school  certificate  should  not be more than five years  old and the Rector of the University may give exemption from this  term if there are good reasons.

4. Should be with good conduct and behavior

5. Should successfully pass the interview conducted by the Senate.

6. Should be medically fit

7. Should obtain approval from his employer allowing him to study if he is working at private or public sector.

8. Should fulfill any other terms fixed by the Senate

9. Must not be dismissed from another university for disciplinary or educational reasons.

The trade-off between the applicants  who meet all the conditions were in accordance with the acceptance criteria, which include the grade obtained in secondary and  testing of capacity added to this is  achievement test for admission to the health and engineering colleges as well as to pass a personal interview for some colleges.

Second:  The procedures  governing the electronic  application

The procedures governing the application are as follows:

1. Entering tests conducted by the National Center for measurement and evaluation in higher education.

2. Read  the conditions  for admission  through the portal (electronic gate) or the site of the Deanship of Admission and Registration on the Internet.

3. Filling the application through the portal to accept in the specified period for that.

4. After expiry of the period set for the electronic application,   admission will depend on   the comparison between the applicants, who meet all the conditions and automatically according to the rates, as  required by the different colleges.

5. The requirement to pass the personal interview for admission to some colleges.

6. Trade-off between  the   applicants   and   the applicants in the light of competitive achievement and their indicators, which includes the cumulative percentage  of public  and the degree of the achievement test and  the degree of testing capabilities.

7. Finally results  will be announced and candidates could    enter through the portal  to  know the outcome of the nomination and help will be provided by e-mail and text messages (SMS) via mobile phone.

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