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Ph.D. Program

Description of the Program
The department of Architecture and Building Sciences offers a Ph.D. program of Architecture. This degree in Philosophy intend to provide deep understanding in specific area of research as follows:

  • History and Theory of Architecture
  • Environmental and Behavioral studies
  • Planning and Facility Design
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Building Technologies
  • Computer Application in Architecture

The Goals of Program

  1. Compliance with the continuous development strategies of the Kingdom in areas of specialization.
  2. Encouraging and supporting research in specialized areas with deeper understanding of new techniques not forgetting local, regional and cultural identity.
  3. Enhancing the built environment and upgrading the professions in terms of applying new techniques and environmental sciences to architectural design.

Rules of Acceptance

  1. Holders of a Master of Architecture & Building Sciences degree or equivalent.
  2. Passing a personal interview by the department.
  3. A score of 450 points in TOEFL exam or equivalent English exam. Holders of Masters degree in English speaking universities are exempted.

Requirements of the Program
The program is offered through courses and Ph.D. dissertation as follows:
1- To pass 16 credit hours courses at three levels

  • Basic Requirement courses (5 credits)
  • Specialized courses offered by Dept. (6 credits)
  • Specialized courses out of department (5 credits)

2- To pass 6 credit hours of assigned specialized courses.
3- To pass comprehensive exam.
4- To submit Ph.D. dissertation for the partial fulfillment of the program.

ph.d.plan_.pdf (74.03 KB)
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