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Master Program

  • Program Mission:

The graduate program in architecture aims to prepare professionals in the field of Architecture and Building Science with the capability for research and further knowledge, to participate in all aspects of urban development.

  • Program goals

The program's specific goals can be summarized as follows:

  1. Attracting qualified local and international graduates and training them to excel in scientific research in architecture and building sciences. Improve the ability and efficiency of conducting and presenting the results of scientific research independently.
  2. Providing students with intellectual, professional and research skills in architecture and building sciences within ethical standards.
  3. Producing research in architecture and building science and publishing it in local and international scientific publishing channels.
  4. Meeting the requirements of the development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of researchers and researchers in architecture and building sciences.
  • Program focus areas:

The department offers a master's degree from several paths: history and architecture theories, utility design, environmental performance, construction technology and project management.

  • Basic requirements for master's degree in Architecture and building science:

The duration of the master's degree is 2-4 years for full-time and 2-5 years for part-time, and the candidate for a master's degree in architecture is required to complete the following requirements:

  1. To successfully complete thirty-one (31) hours scheduled in the architecture program, with at least 18 hours in one of the focus areas of the program, taking into account the requirement of the message. To prepare a program with the approval of his academic mentor and head of department.
  2. To terminate all conditional cases and complete the special requirements for his admission.
  3. To satisfactorily complete the subject of the message in the field of specialization of his choice and discuss it.
  4. To get a cumulative rate of at least (b) when graduating.
  5. To have good manners and adhere to the principles of the profession.
Student and Staff Manuals - Master in Architecture and Building Sciences
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