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Master Program

Description of the Program
The department of Architecture and Building Sciences offers a Masters' of Architecture and Building Sciences Degree program.This program is intended to upgrade the professionals in both their theoretical and technical aspects.
The Goals of the Program

  • Compliance with the continuous development of the profession and market requirements for new technologies and their implication on the field of Architecture.
  • Allowance for exploring new methods and techniques for superior qualities of the built environment not forgetting the cultural aspects of the Muslim communities.
  • Prepare Thesis and researches both Theoretical and practical on a Master's level that allow for further graduate studies.

Rules of Acceptance in Program
Holders of Bachelor of Architecture and Building sciences degree or equivalent are accepted, grades as required by department.

Requirements of Program
The program is offered through courses and thesis.
A minimum of 30 credit hours of courses, in addition to a research thesis are required for the fulfillment of the degree.

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