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Virtual Reality Lab

The Virtual Reality Lab is one of the most up-to-date labs in the world. It was designed by Parco, which is a company specialized in visual presentations. The system comprises a high-resolution and large-size presentation screen (7m x 3m). It is loaded with sensors installed at the Lab ceiling and is used to sense the movement of the viewers. Through this Lab one may experience situations that may not be available in the real world because they are, among other things, too dangerous, too expensive or too difficult to experience for lack of sufficient time.

Such technology is based on a blend of reality and imagination through the creation of imaginary and live industrial environments in such a way that the users find themselves totally engrossed in and inter-acting with in these environments with a great sense of real-world experience. Special glasses and wireless hand devices are needed in order for the user to experience virtual reality situations involving three-dimensional presentations and ability to move around and interact with them.

The Lab also offers a multi-presentation option enabling a number of lecturers to connect their PCs to the system to carry out their presentations concurrently. The system also offers Tele-conference service (video-conference).


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