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Conference on Technology and Sustainability in the Built Environment

2010 - 1431H

Scientific knowledge and technology should complement sustainability of urban development, rather than contribute to the depletion of natural resources and the devastation of the environment. This ideal is in keeping Muslim culture as well as an urgent worldwide demand. Many present day development projects pay little attention to sustainability and rational consumption natural resources. The College of Architecture at King Saud University is organizing a conference on this theme, as part of its mission and role in community service, with the aim of expanding the role of contemporary technology in the service of urban sustainability.


  • Architecture and Planning professions can play a major role in the application of technology for sustainability of the built environment and community welfare.
  • Attempt to improve and sustain the built environment through the utilization of the enormous potentials of modern technology.
  • Maximizing the benefits of dialogue and exchange of knowledge and ideas between experts, practitioners and officials in the field.

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Main Themes :

Urbanism and Sustainability

Building Technology and Sustainability

Advanced Policies and Strategies in Urban Development

Technology and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning Education

Technology and Sustainability in Affordable Housing

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