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Sports Activities Committee

The College Indoor Sports Facilities
The College provides it students, faculty and staff with indoor games facilities. These activities are conducive to social interaction in a relaxed friendly environment.
The facilities comprise a hall for pools and table football, together with lounge seating around. The hall also includes two office spaces for the Social/cultural and sports student committees.  The sports hall is beside the college cafeteria in the middle foyer, while the table tennis is provided in the lower foyer of the building, for congregation.

Report on College of Architecture Sports Club - Year 2011-2012
The University encourages sports activities and sponsors sports clubs in each college. The Deanship of students organizes inter-college tournaments and indoor sports. For this purpose, a ‘Sports Club’ is established in each college. In our College of Architecture and Planning the setup is as follows:
Sports Club Honorary Chairman: Prof. Abbdulaziz Al Miqren  (Dean)
College Sports Director: Dr. Faisal Agabani
Assistant Director: Student Abdulla Al-Mokhadab
Football Trainer:  Graduate student  Awad Alemry and Captin Bandar Al-Enizzy
Football Captain: Student Nazar Mardeeni
Volleyball team Captain: Student Khalid Hashem
Indoor Sports Coordinator: Student Faisal Jubran
The newly formed College football team performed very well last year 2011-2012 inter-college ‘Rector Cup’. The team made it to the quarter final out of 18 Colleges knocked out by the College of Engineering the cup winners.
Table Tennis Tournament
The College Sports Club organized a table tennis tournament for students, faculty and staff during the first semester of last year 2011-2012. Through a publicity campaign, 48 students and 18 faculty/staff enlisted for the tournament. Knock-out games (best of 3) were organized, separately for students list and faculty/staff list. Semi-finals were played in an afternoon event, and the winners decided for each list.

The finals were played in front of a very large crowd of faculty, staff and students. The event was held in the presence of the NAAB accreditation delegation who were performing their second visit to the college, towards the end of the first semester. They were the Guests of Honor, together with the College Dean, Vice Deans and Heads of Department.

First, the students final and the faculty/staff final was played (best of 3 games). Then the students champion played the faculty/staff champion. The College Champion was Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Husain, and the students champion was The dean presented valuable prizes and cups to all the semi-final, final and College winners.

The College Sports Club members would like to present their gratitude to the College Dean, Vice-Deans and Heads of Department for their kind support and encouragement, and for sponsoring the clubs budget.

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