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Architecture students perform their summer training in architectural bureaus to obtain first hand field training. Students do their training either in local Saudi offices or abroad. In the summer of 1426 H (2006), students spent their training outside the Kingdom; in Italy, with the cooperation of the International Institution of Marble (IMMC) in Carrara. Students were exposed to the machining and forming of marble and other natural stone types and their use in various construction and ornamentation works in buildings. Further, they became familiar with the historic applications of Marble in Classic architecture in historic cities of Italy.

In the year 1427 H (2007), a group of students performed similar training in Italy, again with IMMC in Carrara. A memorandum of agreement was signed with the said institution to secure training opportunities for our students for the next five years.

In Turkey, an agreement with Bimtas Company which is affiliated with the Municipality of Greater Istanbul was made to allow our students get training privileges in the Center for Planning and Urban Design (IMP). The company is providing engineering design, construction supervision and project services for Greater Istanbul. The students worked on conservation projects in the Sulaymaniyah district (Amin Uno and Fatih areas) and Mosque. Students surveyed the neighboring area of Sulaymaniyah and worked on the redesign of building elevations according to historic manifestations.

Students worked on yet another project; the development of the Persembe Pazari district (Thursday Market) in the center of the city, parallel to the Golden Horn. The entire district was re-planned by reconsidering its land use pattern to accommodate contemporary needs while preserving the district’s historical aspects.

In sum, student summer training comprised two activities: fieldwork on various historic sites, and office work in IMP, which employs over 600 individuals ranging from architects, engineers to planners, all of which participated in the comprehensive plan of Greater Istanbul.

Republic of Turkey 2009
For the third consecutive year the students visited Turkey. The summer training trip lasted for three weeks, starting from the 13th of July and ended by the 4th of August, 2009. Bitmas/Istanbul Greater Municipality and Metropolitan Planning and Urban design center hosted the students' training on the urban renewal of Zyrek Urban district and the Rehabilitation of The Central Station. In addition to this office training, the students made a visit to Hagia Sophia and Solymania and Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and Ulu Mosque and the Green Mosque in Bursa.
Malaysia 2009
This was the second trip to Malaysia where eight students were chosen to have their summer training in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The duration of this summer training trip was for a period of three weeks, beginning from the 20th of July and ended on the 8th of August, 2009. Three architectural firms had participated in making the summer training a success: Hijjas Kasturi, Arkitek Urbanisma, and Sabraa architect. In addition to this office training, the students made a joint visit and attended lectures with a group of architectural students from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to LEO Building in Putrjaya, DIGI building in Shah Alam, and PAM Building, where they attended lectures.

Italy 2009
For the third consecutive year the students visited Italy. The summer training trip lasted three weeks, starting on the 19th of July and ended by the 9th of August, 2009. Internazionale Marmi e Macchine (IMM) Carrara Spa hosted the students' visits to different aspects of the marble industry. They were introduced to the technology of quarrying, the tests laboratory for the stone materials (ERICA), and a plant manufacturing metal anchors for stone external cladding (Docipa). In addition, the students visited historical places and buildings, and numerous architectural features in Italy.

Germany 2009
This was the first trip to Germany where ten students were chosen to have their summer training in Stuttgart. The trip started from July 19th and ended on August 9th, 2009. The training was in Rasch+Bradatsch Architectural Firm which is one of the famous international consulting offices, and has designed many projects in Saudi Arabia. The students worked on real design issues, they designed a new project and completed its model, and attended lectures and juries of the final year in the College of Architecture at Stuttgart Technical University. In addition, the students visited Frankfurt, Munich, and Euro Park City. In those cities, students visited famous architectural buildings. They also had a chance to visit Paris. The students found the trip successful, essential and matured for their academic and practical profile.

France (Paris) 2010
This training program was organized by the “Ecole Speciale D’architecture ESA” in collaboration with the college of Architecture and Planning at KSU represented by the dept. of Architecture & Building Sciences and under the supervision of the cultural services of the French Embassy in Riyadh. The program of the professional training was for one complete month in 9 architectural offices in Paris, plus introduction to French architecture (6 hours) and introduction to French language and culture (6 hours) not to mention the site visits during the weekends to selective historical and contemporary French architecture in Paris. The number of participants was 11 students supervised by a professor and an assistant. The trainees were assigned by the offices to do different architectural work ranging from design using different computer software such as ArchiCad, AutoCad, Photoshop, Form Z, Rhinoceros, to model making, It was a great success for all the parties concerned and the college is preparing to sign an annual agreement with the French school of architecture ESA to organize similar professional training for the years to come.